Grant Frequently Asked Questions

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Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission
ATTN: Maj. Lindsey Williams
#1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209

A maximum grant cap has been set at $4000.00 per Grant. Grant requests over the $4000 cap will not be approved.

Grant money will not fund electronic items (Computers, Projectors, Tablets, Etc..) due to their dual purpose nature and high tendency for abuse.

Grant money shall not be used to purchase smoke detectors as smoke detectors are a stand-alone grant and must be requested separately.

Grant Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What is the purpose of this grant?
    • The Community Fire Prevention Grant is to provide financial assistance to Arkansas Based Fire Departments, Community of Faith-based Organizations to start, enhance, or expand their fire and life safety programming. Fire Prevention related activities must endeavor to reduce the loss of life or property due to fire.

    • Who is eligible?
    • Only Arkansas based, legally recognized organizations representing the local, regional or statewide interests of the fire service shall be eligible as well as community or faith based organizations with a letter of collaboration from an appropriate fire service entity.

    • What can I apply for?
    • Grant funds are used to start, enhance or expand the recipients fire and life safety program. Grant items must contribute to the reduction of loss of life or property as a result of fire.

    • What is NOT allowed?
    • The following are NOT allowed: suppression or recreational activities, meals, food and beverage supplies, social functions, entertainment expenses, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors, electronic items (computers, projectors, tablets, etc.).

    • How much can I apply for?
    • The MAXIMUM Grand amount is $4,000. The Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission shall determine the amount of any financial grant awards as funds are available. The non-availability of of funds may prevent the approval of any application for grant funding.

    • How often can I Apply?
    • Applications can apply every two (2) years. This is not applicable for Smoke Detector stand-alone grants.

    • What about Smoke Detectors?
    • Grant money shall not be used to purchase smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are a stand-alone grant and can be requested from the AFPC separately. It is mandatory that the organizations awarded smoke detectors have a detailed plan to ensure the smoke detectors are installed correctly preferably by department personnel.

    • What is the Grant Application Cycle?
    • The AFPC meets quarterly to process grants received within that quarter. Meetings are held on the third Thursday in February, May, August & November. Please see our Meetin Minutes Page for dates of current year meetings.

    • What is required after the grant award?
    • Within one year of the grant being awarded the grant recipient shall submit a Performance Review Form summarizing the benefits and challenges of the completed project. Failure to submit this form may result in an audit.