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Smoke Detector Locations!

Firefighters recommend you install a smoke alarm in every bedroom, near stairwells and on each floor of your home. Make sure you mount them at least 12 inches from wall or corner when mounting on ceilings and at least four inches from the wall/ceiling line when mounting on walls.

What a difference five years makes!!

Over the previous five years The Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission has awarded over 7,000 Smoke Detectors to numerous fire departments across this great state. With a sealed battery and ten year lifespan from the time they are installed, these detectors will continue to make an impact in the safety of the citizens of Arkansas. We would like to thank the numerous fire departments and their members who have installed these many detectors in homes across the state and applaud their commitment to the safety of the citizens they serve.

Arkansas State Fire Convention

Proud to have been at the Arkansas State Fire Convention in Hot Springs for the last two days. We met a lot of the men & women who serve our state every day and we were happy to get a chance to speak with them. Just as a reminder goto GRANTS for grant applications.

Electrical Safety

Keep children away from electric cords and outlets to prevent shock, burns or electrocution. Use plastic covers for all outlets. #NBAW2017