About Us

The Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission is made up of fire prevention professionals, volunteers, and members of the general public that have a sincere wish to stop the loss of life and property to fire and fire related incidents. The AFPC serves as a voice for current fire prevention issues and as an advisory body to others involved in fire and life safety in Arkansas.

Arkansas has the unfortunate distinction as being one of the top seven states in the U.S. for fire-related deaths and injuries. The AFPC’s goal is to bring public awareness to the dangers of fires in the home and occupied structures and to provide information on how to reduce those risks. In addition, the AFPC studies fire trends, researches current methods of fire safety, promotes programs that reduce the risks of fire injury, and reports the results of these activities annually to the Governor of the State of Arkansas.

The AFPC serves the State of Arkansas and the Fire Service Community by networking with the Arkansas Fire Services Training Academy, the Arkansas Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission Officers

Marc Lowery
Marc Lowery
P.O. Box 1715
Harrison, AR 72602
Office: (870) 741-2988
Cell: (870) 365-9002

Term Expires: 7/18/2019


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Vice Chair
Jason Wills Jonesboro F.D.

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Ronnie Rogers
Ronnie Rogers
200 North 5th Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901
Office: (479) 268-1214

Term Expires: 7/18/2018

Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission Members

Maj. Lindsey Williams
Maj. Lindsey Williams
AR State Fire Marshal
#1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209
Work: (501) 618- 8624
Fax: (501) 618-8621
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AR State Forestry Commission
3821 W. Roosevelt
Little Rock, AR 72204
Work: (501) 296-1870
Fax: (501) 296-1949
Rachel Nix
Rachel Nix
Director – AR Fire Academy
P O Box 3499 Carr Rd
Camden, AR 71711
Work: (870) 574-1521
Fax: (870) 574-0817
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Scott Gann
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Ben Hammond
Ben Hammond
Sheridan Fire Department
305 S. Rose
Sheridan AR 72150
(501) 231-9696

Term Expires: 7/18/2019

Stacey Caplener
Stacey Caplener
533 Main Street
Pleasant Plains, AR 72568
Work: (870) 834-0090

Term Expires: 7/18/2018


Candace Craft

Jim Kerr

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Candace Craft

DeWayne Rose

West Memphis F.D.

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Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission Associate Members


Dept. of Finance & Admin.

1515 W. 7th St. – Room 700
Little Rock, AR 72203
Work: (501) 501-682-7154
Fax: (501) 324-9070
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

Fire/EMS Services Coordinator
Camp Robinson
Building #9501
North Little Rock, AR 72199
Work: 501-683-6700